SEU120: Communication Media Design

Within this post host all of the e learning modules created for a course I am teaching in the Spring 2021 semester. All learning modules are used within instructional class time and also can be used for overview after the lesson!

Intro into Communication Theory (01/25/21)

Tools used for project:

  • Powerpoint: To create storyboard
  • Articulate 360: Authoring Tool
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Google Sites Walkthrough (01/25/21)

Tools used for project:

  • Camtasia: Authoring Tool
  • Zoom: Video Conferencing app
  • Hand drawing site layout map
  • Vimeo: Video sharing

What is Communication Design? (02/01/21)

Below is eLearning module that gives a simplistic breakdown of the difference between Graphic Design, Visual Design, and Communication Design . We will discuss this module more in depth on Monday’s class (02/01/21)

Tools used for project:

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