Mad Black Buddhist: an Elit Piece

During the semester of Fall 2021, one of the courses I took within my MA in English Writing Studies program was Electronic Literature . The end product that I produced from this course is my own Elit piece. This piece was created using the following elements to give both the interactive likeness of electronic literature, while also providing personal poetry, imagery, and social media to engage an open audience:

  • Google Slides: Acting as the interactive aspect of my elit piece, to engage audience (below, you can find the interactive google slide for this piece!).
  • Instagram: Acting as the social aspect, using hashtags such as #covid19 #madblackbuddhist to engage an audience on a social media platform (below, you can view the live feed from the @Mad_Black_Buddhist account)
  • Poetry: All poetry presented in the piece was created by me, Patricia Dennis, during my time in an Advanced Poetry Writing course. The poetry reflects on my time during pre, present, and post COVID epic pandemic,
  • Procreate: All images presented were designed by me, Patricia Dennis using the digital app, procreate.
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